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Hens Parties

Celebrate your bride-to-be with a class at Corps de Burlesque!

Parties are hosted by our team of fabulous instructors, choose your theme below.

Parties are 90 mins either at our studio in Palmerston North or a location of your choosing within Manawatu area (travel costs apply)

$35 per head (min 6 people or equivalent cost)
$10 per head for those who are celebrating with you but not participating in class
A deposit of $210 (that's your first 6 people) is required to secure your booking, any outstanding balance is due o
n the day.

Note: Prices listed are excluding GST

On arrival, you will be greeted by your host with a glass of bubbly (non-alcoholic supplied for our sober friends). You are welcome to bring extra drinks and snacks if you wish.
As you settle in, you'll get a glimpse of the rich history and amazing stories of those artists who paved the way for our sparkly adventures today. The class begins with a cute and sassy warm up and then we get straight to the dancing!

To wrap things up we have a little gift for the bride and we take pictures in front of our famous photo wall.

Baby Does the Bump 'n' Grind

Love the glitz and glam of vintage showgirls?

Your host will teach you some classic burlesque moves including walking, posing, bump n grind technique and finish with a cheeky, fun routine.

Gatsby Soirée

A little party never hurt nobody right?

Your host will take you through a 1920's inspired routine, including classic Charleston moves to get through any Gatsby party.

Don your fancy flapper dresses and pearls and let's have a roaring good time.


Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome to Cabaret!

Transport yourself back to the Weimar era cabaret scene and all its dark and devious wonder.

You will learn a fun chair routine incorporating glove peels.

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