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Dahlia Dangerous is an elegant, glamorous and intensely seductive performer.

She has graced numerous stages throughout New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada both as a solo performer and as one half of the duo The Ballet School Dropouts since 2013.

Dahlia is best known for her classic stylings and dirty bump 'n' grind. Her favourite move is the "steroid bunny" bump.

Dahlia most enjoys working with students to draw out their inner deviant and fully embrace their badass side.

Trillian is a whirlwind of unexpected pleasures. She's sultry and seductive and will whip any audience into a frenzy.

She has toured regularly across New Zealand, Australia, Europe, USA and Canada both as a solo performer and as one half of the duo The Ballet School Dropouts since 2013.

Trillian is the queen of "giving face", best known for her electrifying stage presence, dynamic performances and obnoxious heel clacks.

Trillian loves exploring the nerdy side of performing, the history and all the nitty gritty details of technique.





Amahlea is sensual, elegant and sexy, with a little bit of sass. She has been performing since 2016, and teaching since 2021.

Amahlea's bedroom eyes, coy smile and luscious curves will leave you begging for more.

Amahlea loves to watch her students grow in confidence and become more comfortable in themselves and their abilities.

Fay Belle enchants audiences with a dash of jazz, a sprinkle of seduction, and a bit of cheek. 


Her love of Swing dancing influences her style and has taken her all over New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

Fay started at Corps de Burlesque in 2020 and jumped, garters first, into all things burlesque and pole related. 


She believes anyone can dance and enjoys working with students to find their unique style and rhythm.

MarkPotten_Photography_DSC_6707_Caitlin 1.JPG




Isla Banks is a rich dream, an entrepreneur, Burlesque performer, pole performer and pole dance teacher.

Isla brings global practices onto the stage and into the classroom, specialising in story telling, vocal training, yoga and mindful movement, performance etiquette, strength and movement development, and all the of drama honey.


They value and endeavour to develop skills in strength, accessibility for all who wish to participate and in Burlesque, Pole and the art of tease their way and push boundaries to maintain and create safe spaces for LQBTQA+ humans.

The Luscious Lady Luna was born in wonderful Poneke, raised in little Taitoko and now residing in the lovely Papaioea where her sparkly journey began late 2020 at Corps De Burlesque. 

Through lockdowns and uncertainty, Luna persevered alongside her newfound sparkle family, developing her own unique style in each class.


She graduated as a solo performer early 2022 and is now part of the faculty helping mould and guide others in the art of seduction and tantalising tease.

Lady Luna.jpg




Roxi Riggle loves a bit of glamour.

Cheeky and charming she can’t resist a shimmy. Roxi has performed in both Wellington and Palmerston North with more to come… Her style is old Hollywood glamour with a bit of sass, drawing inspiration from the sirens of yesteryear.


Roxi attended classes at Corps de Burlesque, after completing all burlesque courses and finding her sparkly family, she just didn’t want to stop! So she decided to become a teacher.


Roxi’s favourite part about teaching is meeting new people and sharing her passion for confidence development. Finding your inner sparkle is what makes her sparkle.

Karina loves the combination of strength and dance that pole provides.

A passionate pole dancer since starting in 2017, she has always had a love for helping others and working with body movement, lines and fluidity.

Her teaching style is influenced by her considerable experience as a personal trainer as she enjoys helping others learn, progress and celebrating their achievements.


She brings her friendly, fun and patient nature to teaching and loves to put on her heels for flow, a bit of sass and creating long lines and splitty tricks.



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