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The founders of Corps de Burlesque have developed an official licensed burlesque syllabus with funding from CreativeNZ and support from DANZ.

This syllabus has been created with a view to set a standard of burlesque education in New Zealand. It will encourage better collaboration between educators, improve teaching methods and provide a solid and realistic framework for learning about this wonderful art form.

All of these things will then further contribute to producing a high calibre of performer, be they amateur or professional.

The syllabus consists of a 7 level curriculum, each level focusing on history and fundamental aspects of burlesque. There will be a tiered license option to choose from depending on how many courses each individual licensee wishes to offer.

Emerald Garter
This is the compulsory entry level course featuring basic deportment, glove and stocking play.

Sapphire Garter 
Features bump 'n' grind technique, bra and corset play.

Amethyst Garter 
Features a basic introduction to the Charleston and tassel twirling.

Ruby Garter 
Features a comprehensive introduction to boa technique.

Diamond Garter 
Features a comprehensive introduction to fan dance technique.

Onyx Garter 
Solo performance development. This course focuses on act development, costume design and professional etiquette.

Fire Garter
Solo performance development. A choreography challenge with set parameters to further develop creativity and innovation.


Cabaret Cardio 

This is a burlesque styled dance fitness class. It can be run as a course or as a drop-in class.

Licensing for this is also available as a standalone or alongside the courses.

Benefits of becoming a licensed teacher

  • Access to a fully comprehensive curriculum covering beginner level through to professional. A step by step guide suitable for teachers experienced with and new to burlesque

  • Teachers are provided with tangible resources and goals to stimulate creativity and enable self reflection.

  • For current studio owners, this is the perfect opportunity to create an additional revenue stream by adding burlesque to your repertoire.

  • You don't need to be a professional performer or teacher to apply for a license.

  • Support and advice from the Ballet School Dropouts, both of whom are qualified dance teachers. They each hold over 30 years of dance training and performance experience.

  • This is the first product of its kind for the burlesque industry.


  • Any individual who wishes to become a licensed teacher may apply. Successful applicants will be subject to terms and conditions.

  • This license is currently only available in New Zealand. International licensing will become available in the future.

  • Teacher-training workshops will be held for all licensees to learn the base choreography and techniques involved. Licensees will also be provided with a full written curriculum and visual glossary. Remote support will be provided to licensees as required.

  • Licensees will pay an annual fee to Ballet School Dropouts Ltd for the rights to teach the syllabus.

      Email for an information pack.

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