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Miss Pole Dance
New Zealand

Whiriwhiri pōro i Aotearoa

He wahine whai mana e hine E hine, te wahine kaha e kanikani ana i te whiriwhiri pōro i Aotearoa!

She is a powerful woman, a woman who dances gracefully with the pole. Empowering strong, independent women of Aotearoa!


Competition Rules and Regulations 2024

Regarding Your Application

  • This competition is open to all genders and gender expressions

  • Submissions will be accepted from 1st May - 24th May 2024.

  • All video submissions must be between 2-3 minutes long. If you're submitting a performance video only the first 3 minutes will be judged.

  • All video submissions must have been filmed no more than 12 months prior to the date of entries opening.

  • All applicants must be NZ citizens (or hold current NZ residency) and must be over the age of 18.

  • The applicant must be clearly visible in the video.

  • No editing is to be made to the film. 

  • Studio recordings are fine - we are looking for performance quality over tricks so if you're filming something, Work That Camera!

  • Entries will not be processed without payment being received.

  • Applicants will be notified on 3rd of June.

  • Competitors will be announced on the 7th of June

Regarding Costuming/Presentation

  • Pole heels are compulsory (any height)

  • You may use props but this must be approved by the organiser (usually anything that can be transported on a plane) 

  • Human props/assistants are allowed. Only the competitor may touch the poles during the performance. Bear in mind there will be kittens to assist where needed. 

  • Absolutely no liquid or fine glitter is permitted. 

  • Costumes are part of the judging criteria. It is important that as you are putting a “show” together, the costume should be fabulous. 

  • Costume pieces may be removed during your show. Minimum requirements - G-string and pasties (this applies to all genders)

Regarding Your Final Show

  • Competitors will make a considerable effort to maintain their physical and mental health leading up to the competition. Do everything you can to be at your absolute best.

  • This is a national title and we want it to really mean something - go big with your ideas, be extra with your costumes. We want to showcase the absolute best and highest quality of pole performance Aotearoa has to offer.

  • Your song choice must be between 3-4 minutes. Selection is on a first in first served basis. Music may be professionally mixed or one song. This must be supplied to the organiser by email ( in mp3 or wav format no later than September 1st 2024 (Points on the night could be deducted for a song that is under-time or over-time).

  • The stage will be two rigged poles, one spinning, one static.

Regarding the Final Event

  • The final will be held on Saturday November 2nd 2024 at the Globe Theatre, Palmerston North.

  • On the night of the event, competitors must abide by the rules and arrive in advance as per the schedule provided.

  • All participants and crew must treat each other with respect and act with decorum

  • Each competitor must bring an evening gown/formal attire/something fancy to wear for prize giving at the end of the show. 

  • An expert panel will judge the competitors on the basis of:

    • Pole Work (20 points): muscular strength, endurance, tricks, range, combos & transitions, flow, grace, control.

    • Dance (12 points): grace, agility, flow, transitions, body language, body confidence, fitness levels

    • Audience connection(10 points): energy, emotion, audience attention/crowd pleasing. Do you draw them in and keep them there?

    • Presentation/Costume (8 points): attention to make up, hair, costume, theme etc. Does the costume function well and enable you to move freely without having to worry about costume malfunction?

  • A maximum of 50 points can be awarded. Half points may be awarded. 

General Rules

  1. Miss Pole Dance New Zealand reserves the right to expel a competitor from participation, both before and during the competition for disregarding the rules set forth including any behaviour online or in person that affects the safety of participants/organisers or brings the organisation (MPDNZ) into disrepute. Don’t be a dick and we’ll all have a real good time.

  2. Competitors must not distract, heckle or jeer during other competitors performances.

  3. Competitors will be held responsible for their guests, if any person is deemed to be rude or unsupportive they will be ejected and banned from the competition.

  4. Competitors may not communicate with the judges at any time during the competition.

  5. Judges decision is final.

  6. Miss Pole Dance New Zealand expects the prize winners to cooperate with the promotion of the Miss Pole Dance New Zealand competition and activities. 

  7. Dressing rooms are STRICTLY off limits to family members and friends of the competitors before and during the show

  8. Competitors must not compete under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

  9. The winner of the competition will be crowned Miss/Mr/Mx Pole Dance New Zealand 2024 (candidates can choose whichever title is relevant to them). There will be a second and third place awarded.

  10. The title of Miss/Mr/Mx Pole Dance New Zealand is an official title valid for one year. 

  11. As Miss/Mr/Mx Pole Dance New Zealand, the winner is an ambassador of pole dancing in New Zealand. 

  12. As Miss/Mr/Mx Pole Dance New Zealand, the winner may be required to take on several promotional activities. These will occur in consultation with the Miss Pole Dance New Zealand Competition and will be financially remunerated. 

  13. Miss Pole Dance New Zealand reserves the right to retract the title if the winner causes any damage to the reputation of the Miss Pole Dance New Zealand Competition. 

  14. In the case of retraction, the runner-up becomes the new Miss/Mr/Mx Pole Dance New Zealand for the remainder of that term.

  15. Miss Pole Dance New Zealand is never liable for injury or damage resulting from participation in the Miss Pole Dance New Zealand Competition. 

  16. Miss Pole Dance New Zealand reserves the right to change the rules contained herein. 

  17. All decisions not addressed in these regulations will be made by Miss Pole Dance New Zealand Competition owners. 

  18. A decision made by the Miss Pole Dance New Zealand Competition is binding & final.  

  19. Any failure to abide by the above-mentioned rules may result in immediate disqualification.

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