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GRIPTINITE™ is an entirely new patented formula that utilises the latest technology in grip performance. To ensure your safety at all times, we’ve used only the highest quality ingredients specifically designed to beat rain, humidity, sweat and body oils.

Our unique anti-gelling solution means there is zero waste and you get the maximum performance out of every application.

And best of all, GRIPTINITE™ is ready to work when you are with its instant activation; so you’ll never be left on the sideline again!


SKU: 001
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  • 50mls

    Get your hands on a bottle of GRIPTINITE™ to activate your true superpower grip.

    To activate, simply eliminate the sweat, body oils and other nasties on your hands with water and soap. Shake the bottle well. Evenly rub a 5 cent-size amount of solution to your hands and spread evenly – don’t forget your fingertips and palms. Shake your hands and let them air dry for up to 25 seconds. And just like that, you’re gripped up and ready to go!

    To remove, simply wash your hands with soap and warm water when you’re done.

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